The purpose of the significance of the study is to allow you to explain the importance of your research to readers. It also helps you prove the study’s impact on your field of research. The study’s significance explains exactly how your research will contribute to your study field. In addition, it will expose its importance to the people and institutions who will benefit from it.

When writing the significance of study dissertation, you need to convey what you hope would benefit others. And how readers will benefit or learn from your study.

How to write the significance of the study in dissertation

In this section, let’s examine how to write significance of the study in the dissertation. You can write the significance of the study in five main steps:

  1. Start with the problem statement

When writing the significance of the study, always start with the problem statement. That would give you ideas of the general outcome of the research and those who would benefit from it. Then, ask yourself probing questions according to the problem statement. An example is “how would my research answers impact the community positively?” By answering this question correctly, you would double back to creating a solution for the community.

  1. Explain how your research will extend the current literature in the field

This part is for you to discuss the unexplored areas in the previous studies. Then, explain how your research will give insight into those unexplored areas. With that, you give your readers something new to look forward to in your study that adds value to the field.

  1. Explain how your research will benefit the community

In this section, elucidate how your research will impact society at large. Then, explain how the results of your study will set a precedent in your community.

A significance of the study example

If your research is about high-powered lithium batteries, you may indicate that you can develop a battery twice as powerful as the Tesla battery through your research. As a result, there would be healthy competition in the industry.

  1. Mention specific persons or institutions who will benefit from your study

Using the above example, you may explain that your study will help the electric automobile community and car manufacturers looking to beat Tesla.

  1. Indicate how your study may help future studies in the field

Lastly, you should include the overall benefits of your research to the community. This can include how your revolutionary idea will be included in your field’s literature and how people will benefit from it for years to come.

Tips for writing the significance of study dissertation

Some tips for writing a dissertation significance of study include:

  • Be concise: go straight to the point, and make your readers understand you from the beginning. Avoid fluffy words and use transition words where necessary.
  • Think steps ahead: see the big picture, and make plans ahead – plan the format, structure, and conduct adequate research.
  • Seek assistance where needed: if you happen to get stuck along the way, don’t be shy to ask for help. You can ask your friends, lecturer or professor, or seek help from experts online.
  • Avoid repetition of statements: it’s boring when a reader reads a statement twice or thrice in a paper; it’s worse if it’s a research paper for academics.
  • Be open to change: if you get a superior argument after writing in a direction, don’t be scared to start all over. Who knows? The new argument could be record-breaking.
  • Avoid deviating from the subject: stay on course as much as possible; there is nothing more excruciating than a writer rambling off in the middle of a research paper.
  • Your writing should flow from the top down: let your writing start from the weightier areas to the simple topics. Conversely, you can start from simpler topics then move to complicated ones.


To get the best out of writing the significance of the study in research and dissertation, you need to understand the existing research gaps in your field. A gap essentially means an area that’s yet untapped in a particular research field. You may tailor your dissertation to fill that gap, and you will be home and dry.

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