A dissertation is an extended piece of writing based on a student’s original research. Choosing a dissertation topic may be the most challenging and crucial aspect of the dissertation process. This is because if the topic is faulty, everything goes downhill.

You don’t know if it had been written before or written extensively or exhaustively. The essence of a dissertation is to contribute your quota to your field’s body of work – your topic should be detailed if you’re writing an education dissertation.

If you find it challenging to choose a dissertation topic, this article will provide you with the steps to select a suitable one.

What are the steps to choosing the best dissertation topics on education?

Before choosing your dissertation topics on education, you need to be conversant with the issues that affect the education sector mainly. You will need to do extensive research into topics in your education dissertation. This will help you come up with one that suits you best and will contribute immensely to the body of work in your field. Let’s look at the steps on how to pick a dissertation topic below;

  1. Choose a relatable topic

Your topic must be relatable to you and your field of study. Choose a topic you will fully comprehend instead of one where you have limited knowledge. This is important because your understanding would keep you going and give you more inspiration for content. It must also be relatable to your field of study if you want it to have a lasting impact in that field.

  1. Research extensively

The quality of your dissertation topic is as good as the quality of your research. Before choosing a topic, make sure you research it thoroughly to ensure the content you’ll get from it will be valuable content. Read articles in your field extensively and find areas that could require additional research. You may find an area that gets your attention but needs to be broadened. You may narrow your topic down to this area.

  1. Be specific

Don’t mistake subscribing to vague generalizations when choosing dissertation topics in education. Instead, choose a specific topic that helps you stay focused on the subject, makes your dissertation concise and helps you argue your points persuasively. Though distinct, your topic should still be robust enough to provide broad and significant arguments without having countless repetitions in your paper.

  1. Seek advice

You will always have supervisory guidance for your dissertation. Of course, getting education dissertation ideas or topics on your own is good, but seeking advice from your professor or supervisor will help make the process seamless and faster. Also, ask your supervisor for feedback at every step; it would help you immensely.

Where to find dissertation topics in education

If you’re looking to find dissertation ideas for education or any sector, for that matter, looking in the right place is essential. Below are places you can find inspiration to come up with your topic:

  • Look online; you’ll find loads of educational topics that you can tailor to your research.
  • Check out what scholars like you are doing, and focus on their work and the topics.
  • Research the papers published in the education sector most recently; this would help you know what people are currently writing about.

Examples of dissertation topics in education

A good topic is very important to any dissertation. Make sure your topic does justice to your research. The topic itself should concisely communicate the main objectives of your dissertation. Below are some education dissertation topic examples:

  1. How globalization affects education and the impact of the internet.
  2. Is the future of learning online? What can be done to fast-track it?
  3. How to inspire more students to become teachers.
  4. Should high schools and colleges prioritize personality and character formation over academic education?
  5. The rising cost of education and the impact of tech.
  6. Personal development for teachers in educational institutions.
  7. The role of sustainability in educational institutions.
  8. Importance of self-discipline for students studying online.
  9. The impact of the internet on the social life of students.
  10. Should engineering degrees of today focus more on tech?
  11. How the shortage of teachers should be handled now.


Choosing a great dissertation topic is important to your paper and your career. It will go a long way in determining how easy or difficult it would be for you to write the dissertation. Whether online or peer-to-peer, never hesitate to seek help in arriving at a suitable topic.

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