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Sound Engineering Workshop in Tufts Camp (Car Audio)

29 Nov 2017 Tuft's Camp

The Tufts study camp has been engaging learners in various courses including arts and engineering courses. The site entails practical learning whereby the students are putting the theory that they have learned in class into practice. During the camping period, the sound engineering students have been given an opportunity to explore different industries that involve sound production and business. So, what have they been doing? Are they playing a vital role in the music industry?

Sound Engineering Workshop

For those who have been to music concerts, perhaps you have wondered the clarity and quality of the music. If the music was just amazing, there is a likelihood that there was a highly talented sound engineer who was controlling the music sound. 4 through blending, reproducing, and manning the electronic and equalization of the sound. That said, it should be noted clearly that sound engineers do not necessarily work on the music specifically. They usually design and control the sound to draw the audience’s attention to the concert.

This is what the Tufts students’ sound engineers have been practicing at the site. They have been learning how to control sound levels, microphones, and outputs by combining their ears with the knowledge of acoustics to generate the highest quality of sound for a wide range of purposes. One of the major areas where the sound engineers are likely to venture in is the car audio production and designing. That is why almost half of the students have narrowed down to go with this line of specialization given the high demand for high-quality car stereo systems.

car stereo systemA good car stereo system should be a centerpiece of a car music system. Not only produces the best music sound but also creates an attractive appeal in the dash when combined with other vital features. The modern car audio system is capable of performing broad multifaceted functions so that the driver or car owner can enjoy a better ride time. It is also important to know that a car audio system has three distinct sections.

First is the source, which allows the car owner to select what to hear. The sources may include DVD or CD player, AM/FM tuner, iPod or Smartphone, Satellite radio, or a USB port input. Second is the Preamp from where every sound changes are made. This section may include various control features such as fader, volume, balance, tone adjustment, source selection, crossovers, time correction, and equalizers. The last section is the amplifier that boosts a small audio signal into a larger signal. The signal originates from the preamp section and then sent to the speakers.

So, why do you need a new quality audio speaker system for your car? Basically, a good car audio system will offer a better music sound and more flexible playback choices compared to those typical stereo systems. Having a superior built-in power with good circuit design will not only be louder compared to the conventional audio system, but also generates a richer, cleaner, and more detailed music sound. If the tone controls are more enhanced in the preamp section, it means you can perform better fine-tuning of your favorite music. For the new car audio systems, there are numerous functions that have been added to the sources. These include; iPod and iPhone support, MP3/WMA/AAC playback, satellite radio, Android phone support, DVD playback, GPS navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, and Pandora Internet radio app support.

In the near future, these sound engineering students will be assisting car owners who are looking for new car audio systems. The technical advice is fundamentally based on the listening sources since they are the specific factors to put into consideration. Apart from the sources, you need also to understand other important aspects such as the level of sophistication you want. There are more advanced features on car audio systems that offer clearer display such that the car owner can see and change based on what he or she wants. Certainly, the touchscreen monitors are recommended because they make it easier when controlling and adjusting the stereo.

There is also an aspect of advanced sound controls, which are available on those high-end audio systems. For instance, the parametric equalization and digital time correction are quite helpful whenever a car owner wants to pinch the music sound. However, there are low-priced stereos with almost similar sound controls that can provide more stereo control than the conventional receivers. So, basically, a new audio will create a better music environment in your car.

It is worth noting that a good car interior is just cool, especially when the high-tech stereos with high-quality displays are installed. A car owner may choose to have animated full-color display, customizable color patterns, and touchscreen monitors with selectable colors and backgrounds. For those who may wish to enhance their music listening experience while driving, they can choose the car audio systems with flashing lights as the music goes on.

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