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Top 8 Cooling Tips On The Camp

27 Jun 2018 Tuft's Camp

camping tipsMany of us have been waiting for summer since last August and finally, it’s here! So it’s high time to give a preference for outdoor activities rather than staying at home or sitting in cafes. As the weather is getting hotter what can be better than having some time with your family or friends in nature? Just imagine spending a couple of days away from your routines and big city life.  Let’s consider camping as a good combination of fresh air, freedom, and peace. If you feel excited, you’ll find this article useful.

As anything camping can be both a blessing and a curse, as there are certain inconveniences you will have to face. But is it a reason to give up such a great experience? Especially when knowing some life hacks to improve it? So here we go, find our top cooling tips on the camp below:

1)  The first tip is… wait for it… to find shade! It might sound too obvious but knowing where the sun rises and sets can surely help to find the best spot. Once your choice is made the adventure begins!

2) Life in nature requires particular clothes. It doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune in the Columbia shop.  Just give preference to light colors and you will be able to enjoy most of the time despite the heat. Open your wardrobe

3) So your backpacks are packed and it’s time to come up with the plan: what are you going to do apart from enjoying the scenery. So here is my next tip – find the right time. Having said that I don’t mean setting off late in the afternoon or getting up before sunset. Try to schedule your activities at cooler times.

4) What are you dreaming of when you are thirsty? Right! Camp near water, it can not only save you from heat but also become a good bonus. But remember to bring some repellents as some insects find such areas rather inviting.

5) Do you remember this feeling when the windows are open and you can feel fresh air entering your apartment? The same rule works for camping. Just keep your sleeping area vented. Especially before going to sleep.

6) Time outdoors can fly. Remember drinking a lot of water even if you are not used to it (coke and other soft drinks don’t count). Also, cold food is much tastier in the heat: it takes less time to prepare and is refreshing.

7) You don’t have to be a doctor but knowing the signs of heatstroke can definitely come in handy. They say forewarned is forearmed so google it and be prepared. Just in case.

8)keep your food frehsh The last but not the least. We still live in the 21 century and cannot imagine our lives without gadgets which were created to make our lives more convenient. We’ve gone through 7 tips already and there wasn’t mentioned anything about where and how to keep your food and beverages fresh and cool. Well, you may prefer old-fashioned ways like digging holes in the ground but I’d suggest buying a good quality collapsible cooler. Nowadays there’s such a variety of them so that it won’t be that difficult to pick up a good one: Coleman, Igloo, Lifetime – this list can be endless. You can find them of any colors, shapes, sizes, materials, and prices. Just go for it, you will definitely find a cooler useful.

It seems like I mentioned everything I had to say to you. I hope you are already planning your camping trip. Whether you are going to follow these tips or not I wish you the best summer and as many good moments as possible!


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