Morning workouts

Morning Activity: Stretches to Relieve Foot Pain

29 Nov 2017 Tuft's Camp

Morning workoutsNowadays, people are looking for natural ways to stay healthy and fit. Morning workouts are becoming a norm, especially for those putting effort to lose weight. Perhaps, you have seen many Tufts students waking up as early as 5 o’clock to run or jog before going to classes. Experts recommend running as one of the best exercises for maintaining physical fitness. That is why more students prefer running to lifting weights unless those who want to build muscle packs. According to health experts, foot pain may develop due to lack of sufficient exercise that causes feet joints to jam. Therefore, a little exercise such as running every morning can be a solution.

However, it is important to choose the right running shoes. This comes a time when students with flat feet are suffering from feet pain after running. Of course, they deserve exercising their bodies to achieve their goals. So, how can they do it without causing more harm to their feet? For that reason, this article will be outlining the facts about shoes for flat feet.

Shoes for Flat Feet

Shoes for Flat FeetThe foot’s arch is naturally made of a curve in the metatarsal and tarsal bones. These bones act as shock absorbers when running or walking, whereby the arch cushions the impact from the knees, hips, ankles, and feet. Someone can have a low arch, normal arch, or high arch, which are all determined by the height of the foot’s arch.  Those individuals without a foot’s arch are said to have flat feet, and they are vulnerable to body injuries when running. That is why they need to choose the right shoes that can provide necessary support to the body. That said, you need to understand the three kinds of shoes that are designed for flat feet.

Support Shoes

According to health experts, it is advisable to wear shoes that offer support to their feet. Shoes such as sandals, high heels, or flip-flops are not recommended because they do not lift the arch of the foot. Therefore, you need to look for shoes with a label of “added support” since they designed to perform the duty of the arch.

Stability Shoes

If you have discovered that you always turn your ankle inward when walking or running, probably you have flat feet. This turning of ankle inward is usually referred to as pronation in a medical language. Pronation may cause stress on the knees, ankles, and feet, which can lead to serious injuries. For those who have a normal arch of their foot, their feet will land straight on the ground, unlike those without proper foot arch. Therefore, appropriate shoes with added stability help to control the landing pattern without pronating.

Motion Control Shoes

If you are facing the challenge of extreme pronation, you need motion control shoes. They are advanced more than the stability shoes because they have extra control and support features to keep your ankle straight when running. They have been designed incorporating medial post technology that entails dual density foam. Right under the medial side of the foot arch is a harder foam material, which could also be extended to the heel area. The hard compound material in most motion control shoes can be noticed easily right inside of the midsole.

Remedy for Sore Feet

Sometimes, the foot pain might be caused by other factors apart from the wearing wrong shoes. Your feet take in more than 2 million kilograms of pressure on a daily basis. This could be the cause of feeling hurt on your feet from time to time. So, what can you do to stop the aches?

Soak in cold and then in hot water

This is for freshening your feet. Fill two basins with cold water and hot water. However, ensure that the hot water is comfortable for standing inside. Pick a comfortable chair and then place the feet inside the basin with the cold water. Switch to the basin with hot water after a few minutes. This is known as hydromassage, which constricts and dilates the blood vessels of your feet.

Massage the soles with a roller

There are rollers designed for massaging feet. They can be obtained from a local health and fitness store. If you are not able to reach the store, you can as well use a golf or tennis ball to roll your bare feet. Do this for a few minutes on a daily basis as it exercises the foot joints, hence relaxing the tense muscles.

Stretch the Foot Achilles Tendons

This is applied to foot pain around the heel area. The Plantar Fasciitis is an inflammation of the Achilles tendons, which is felt in every morning. In such situation, you need to move your leg forward while bending the knee. You will feel a little stretch in the heel. Switch to the other leg after about 15 seconds.

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