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Scoutreach Paper


Ferris, K.A., Hershberg, R.M., Su, S., Wang, J., & Lerner, R.M. (in press). Character development among youth of color from low-SES backgrounds: An examination of Boy Scouts of America's ScoutReach program.Journal of Youth Development.


This study examined character attributes associated with participation in ScoutReach, Boy Scouts of America’s recent program innovation created to deliver Scouting curriculum to underserved populations. Participants were predominantly Black/African American (72.9%; N = 266, Mage = 10.54, SD = 1.58) and resided in low-income urban communities. Youth completed surveys assessing how much they embody different character attributes (e.g., kindness, helpfulness, hopeful future expectations), and a subset of youth (n = 22) also participated in semi-structured interviews examining character-shaping experiences within the program. Results replicated an eight-factor character structure established with youth involved in traditional Scouting programs, and indicated that involvement inScoutReach may positively contribute to the development in youth of prosocial behaviors, future career goals, tolerance beliefs, and the manifestation of character attributes across Scouting and non-Scouting contexts. Together, these findings have implications for measuring character constructs among youth of color from low-SES backgrounds, and for the conduct of youth-serving character development programs more generally.

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(Manuscript is in currently in press and will be shared upon publication.  In the meantime, Dr. Ferris presented the paper at the recent Society for the Study of Human Development Conference, the slides of which can be found here.)