Tufts CAMP Study

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Listed below are several publications that will provide more information on the CAMP Study's theory, methods, and results:
(An abstract and citation are provided for all publications, and links are provided for open source material.  Due to publishing restrictions, not all papers are available online.)

The Foundational Paper describes the theory and method of the study, as well as the participant demographic information from the first year of data collection.

The Empirical Paper on the ACCEA (Assessment of Character in Children and Early Adolescents) describes the development of the measure used in the CAMP Study.

The Focus Group Paper presents the perceptions of Scout leaders on their role in youth development and is derived from five focus groups comprised of 46 diverse adult leaders.

The Empirical Paper on Developmental Trajectories details character development across five waves of data collection.  Implications for positive youth development and the role of Scouting in character development are also discussed.

The Scoutreach Paper takes a closer look of the Scoutreach sample from the larger CAMP study and discusses implications for measuring character among youth of color from low-SES backgrounds, and implications for youth-serving character development organizations more generally.