Tennis Equipment

2017 Women’s Tennis Tournament Applications

For many years, tennis sport has been seen as a technical game that is played by specialized people. It seemed as if a great deal of training and patience is required in order to acquire the playing experience for someone to start enjoying it. However, things have changed nowadays because tennis can be played by everyone regardless of gender and age. As we talk, Tufts women are enrolling in tennis training programs like never before. This is a clear indication that the activity is simply full of fun and enjoyable for all people.

Women's Tennis Tournament Applications

The 2017 women’s tennis is geared to offer them an opportunity to experience the great feel of the game. In addition, they will also gain from the health benefits that tennis has to offer. Women who participate in this game regularly are likely to increase their lifespan, according to various physicians. A tournament also helps in burning calories compared to aerobics, according to calorie expenditure studies. The exercise engages all muscle groups, which incorporates both the aerobic and anaerobic activities.

Being a quite active game with intense bursts, quick shots, and a brief period of rest, tennis sport is unarguably an exercise that should be practiced by all women trying to maintain their health and wellness.  The interval training is basically the process of playing tennis game, which enables the muscles to utilize oxygen in a more efficient manner. Actually, this is one of the reasons why 2017 tennis tournament was planned so that women can have a chance to enhance their body fitness. Additionally, it improves the flexibility and hand-eye coordination through the timing of an oncoming ball and establishing a proper contact point through constant maneuvering and stretching.

It has been a broadly popular game for Tufts women nowadays, which differs considerably from other types of sports such as basketball and soccer. There is a lot of confidence and concentration required in order to overcome the opponent. A player needs extraordinary courage to make a risky shot, as well as endurance to bear up a long three set game. The sport is now loved by many women, both young and old. Due to the increasing popularity, there are various aspects that must be considered before a tournament is approved to take place. These factors entail the equipment for players ranging in choices based on skill level, competitive desires, and age.

Tennis Equipment

Tennis EquipmentTennis balls

A tennis ball is designed with a rubber core with a hollow interior. The yellow and white balls are the recommended choices for tournaments. The international tennis federation recommends a ball measure of 2.5″ or 2.63″ in diameter. The bouncing power should also measure 53″ or 58″ when dropped from 100″ height. However, there are different ball sizes for all players including the youngsters. The yellow balls are suitable for anyone from 11 years and above, or anyone who is capable of using a full-sized tennis ball. For children between 5 and 8 years, they can utilize the felt or red foam balls while those between 9 and 10 should use the orange balls. The type of the ball and the age of a player can be used to gauge the skill level. It is worth noting that the more a ball is used, the slower it becomes to fly through the air.

Tennis shoes

In regards to women tennis tournament, it is ideal to have the right women’s tennis shoes that offer specific features. First, they should be lightweight for an efficient performance because the game involves a constant movement in all directions. The shoes should also provide enough stability as the player moves fast. Poorly designed shoes may cause leg injuries and sprained ankles. It is also important to understand that the right shoes for playing tennis must be made of a breathable material. If the match is set to start during a hot weather, a player is likely to perform poorly when wearing squeezed shoes. So, the shoes should allow air-flow to the feet for comfort purposes.


Racquets come in a wide variety of sizes for different players based on age and skill level. The racquets have since changed to be wooden ones. The modern ones are made of lighter and durable materials. The graphite and aluminum racquet frames are the popularly used. However, the size and weight may also be determined by the strength of the players. A heavier model is basically powerful though a player may tire faster than another player using a racquet suitable for her strength. Before going for a tournament, it is advisable to try different racquets and choose what suits your strength and weight.


Most of the tournaments require a certain type of apparel. However, the most important thing about apparel choice is the comfort. In the recent years, players used to choose white clothing so that they can reflect solar and keep their bodies cooler. This idea has been replaced by the incorporation of technology in the tennis industry. Cotton clothing is no longer the only choice as there are other clothing made of advanced fabrics to keep moisture away from the players’ body.

Little League Baseball Tournament

2017 Little League Baseball Tournament in Tufts

In the past one decade or so, the baseball tournament in Tufts has become a popular tradition of little league baseball. Nowadays, young people between 10 and 17 years are participating in over 50 games a year. This is what has made the game to receive more fans and even creating an opportunity for those who are unable to excel in other sports. The game engages all sorts of professional aspects whereby the development of sports is encouraged as well as focusing on result orientation.

Little League Baseball Tournament

The experts who are currently coaching the Tufts students are quite aware of the positive outcome that baseball has to offer. One of them is the playing experience, which is acquired through professional training. In the bigger picture, young players who have been participating in little league baseball tournaments have experienced commendable benefits.  As they always say, baseball is the best type of sport on earth. It has been found to have enormous health benefits as well as a wide range of life lessons to learn.

The first rule of the game is to respect the sport. From the opponents, teammates, umpires, fans, players, and parents, all deserve the respect. Even though a team will want to play and win, the deal should not just end at that point. There are other aspects such as health, safety, and future of the young players that should be taken into consideration. Since the little league baseball became popular among the youngsters, the health factor has been one of the things that hinder baseball game development. That said, developing people is more than just developing the ball players!

Benefits of Baseball Game for Youngsters

First, little league baseball tournament enhances the growth of better learning ethics in colleges. The significant amount of time spent during training will make some young people develop viable habits, which can be useful in their studies. A student with strong learning habits will record good results throughout the study period.

Second, it is possible for a young person to reach his or her potential through the little league baseball tournament. There are more than 50 games to play a year, and these allow the players to have many swings as possible. In turn, it helps the players to acquire more experience compared to players of Rec Leagues. Therefore, they have a better opportunity to achieve their full potential in the near future.

Third, there is an aspect of more experience gain on the side of the pitchers. As we have seen above, the hitters will have more chances to get more swings when there are many games scheduled throughout the year. So too are the pitchers, as they are getting a good chance to throw innings hence improving their level of experience.

Fourth, little league baseball enhances life experience for the players. Travelling frequently within the country and even outside the country severally will definitely increase a player’s life experience. A young person will be able to meet different people with different cultures, thus understanding the diversity in human race.

Fifth, there are highly experienced coaches of little league baseball for the Tufts students. There is no doubt that these youngsters will excel in this type of sport. This translates to producing excellent players, best hitters, and pitchers with the right fundamental skills.

Baseball Equipment: BBCOR Bats

In the past recent years, the national federation of Tufts school associations and the national athletic association of colleges used a bat certification test known as a ball exit speed ration. It measured how quickly a ball can bounce off an aluminum bat barrel. However, this test has been failing in testing the safety and how the youth baseball bat can perform after breaking in. Therefore, this means that the bat was becoming too hot. The issue has now been solved through the implementation of the BBCOR certification test. The BBCOR stands for Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution.

The BBCOR is responsible for regulating the energy used or lost when a bat and a baseball comes into contact. This energy is measured using a number, whereby the higher the number registered by a bat the more dangerous or hotter a baseball bat becomes. BBCOR ensures that a non-wood bat performs just like a wood one. If a bat passes the test, it is referred to as BBCOR certified and it is stamped a .50. This is the standard number for all BBCOR certified bats since it is slightly higher compared to a wood bat.

In conclusion, a high school or college student of Tufts must have a BBCOR certified baseball bat in order to be allowed to participate in a little league baseball tournament. It is also important to understand the type of material a BBCOR baseball must be made of. Basically, they are divided into composite and aluminum designs. The composite ones are more popular because they offer a player several advantages to improve on performance. These include a wider sweet spot, higher durability, and less vibration. On the other hand, aluminum ones provide a more conventional feel and a characteristic “ping” sound when comes into contact with the ball.