night shooting competition

Outdoor Opportunities to Empower Tufts Students

29 Nov 2017 Tuft's Camp

As one of the youth empowerment programs in the US, night shooting competition has been incorporated in various art faculties at different institutions of higher learning. The initiative is dedicated to developing skills of Olympic sports among the Tufts students across the states. The focus is to enhance the development of shooting competition that is believed to represent the US in Olympic Shooting Games as well as World Shooting Championships among other renowned international sports.

night shooting competition

The shooting sport is one of the outdoor activities that can be utilized to empower the youth, according to sports experts. In 2016, more young men and women have been practicing the game through the laid down programs. It was noted that there are many Tufts students who want to learn the night shooting sport. For that reason, an introduction program has been rolled out to help them pursue their dreams. There are Athlete Development and Shooting Youth programs, which are managed by the State National Champions Council. In this association, there are highly experienced night shooters who have received several annual awards during various such Olympics.

In order to make the programs attainable, the US Shooting Group has partnered with other like-minded organizations. This has enabled inclusion of all students who may not excel in other types of sports, especially where someone’s physical factors are majorly considered. Actually, a student does not need to be masculine, tallest, strongest, or fastest to participate in night shooting sports. The aspects of the game teachings entail things such as determination, patience, mental control, physical control, safety skills, organizational skills, problem-solving, good sportsmanship, and goal setting ability.

So far so good, because a significant number of students who have traveled across the world to participate in night shooting tournaments. Some of the countries where the students have set their feet include Germany, Munich, China, and the Czech Republic. Interestingly, the US Shooting Group provides the essential facilitation so that the students can attain their objectives and goals. Moreover, all the students have been working towards gaining the ability and potential to compete and become the best in the sport.

The Shooting Study Camp for Students

The shooting camp has a wide range of training programs including the safety and the rules of the game. This is different from a hunting camp because more aspects than owning a gun are considered. Of course, every student is issued with a firearm such as a handgun. However, other important factors must be taken into account to ensure professional shooting competition is achieved. This is where holsters, knee pads, and concealed carry belts come in. These pieces of equipment are mainly for safety purposes in order to adhere to the outlined rules of shooting games.

That said, let us look at the each of the mentioned night shooting requirements.

Holster for Shooting Competition

During a night shooting competition, it is not advisable to trade off your safety for the speed. That is why rarely race holsters are used in these competitions that involve the young men and women. There are a number of factors that have been considered when selecting the holsters for competition purposes. One of the factors is the ability of the holster to cover both the trigger and trigger guard. This is a legal requirement as those race holsters may not be safe for the youngsters, especially the beginners in the shooting competitions. So, the holster must keep the gun secured even during strenuous activities such as jumping. Another important aspect is the ability to get the gun out of the holster as soon as possible. However, a strong plastic holster is recommended because it holds it firmly while outside the waistband for easy access.

Concealed Carry Holsters for Shooting

For a concealed carry of the gun, it is quite vital to have the right belt. If the belt is poorly designed, perhaps it will slow down the ability to pull the gun properly. There are those dedicated concealed carry holsters, which are designed taking into consideration the ability to pull the gun easily and safely. However, they are stylish and designed to prevent the other partners from seeing your drawers. More importantly, they are made of sturdy material to withstand the holsters, bend, or stretch whenever you pull the gun. The goal-built belts are of different designs and styles, as well as featuring practicality and professional appeal.

Knee Pads for Shooting Competition

The knee pads for night shooting competition are often overlooked by shooters. However, this is one piece that should not miss in your kit when going for outdoor shooting activity. Even though they might not look appealing as some holsters or plate carrier, they remain an integral part of the shooting requirements. During a night shooting competition, you will kneel down on the ground while aiming the target. Your knees may suffer injury due to wear and tear of the knee pads, especially those made of low-quality materials. The right pads are supposed to prevent such scenarios, given the extended period of kneeling during training. Therefore, the correct kneed pads need to be durable, protective, and offer the maximum comfort possible.

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