students develops due to the team working.

Working Together: Building a Library! Collaboration in Tufts Camp

29 Nov 2017 Tuft's Camp

two heads are better than oneAs the old axiom says, two heads are better than one. This has been witnessed during the Tufts camp for engineering students as they practice team working. The current project of building a new library has given them an opportunity to put theory work into the practical part of learning. They have been working with the contractor at all levels, from the designing to the site work including the construction activities. The construction of the four-story building is halfway, which has enabled the students to learn building and construction rules as outlined by the National Construction Authority.

First and foremost, the students have fostered creativity and learning while working together as a team. They can brainstorm ideas, which prevent musty viewpoints that often come as a result of solo working. This means there is a sense of shared knowledge to assist the students in learning and developing new skills to build their career. There is also an aspect of developing enthusiasm as opposed to solitary work. The ability to share innovations and discoveries with the team members has fostered knowledge amongst themselves.

Secondly, students have also been able to develop their talents more appropriately. Since it is a construction project, every coworker has a chance to share his or her abilities with the rest of the team. They rely on one another to bring each talent to the drawing table. As the team observes the process behind their skills, each person can learn the best methods of combining their gifts in order to grow as a stronger team. When a member sees a coworker using a different method in the construction process, he or she gets an opportunity to improve the skills.

students develops due to the team working.Thirdly, an element of building trust among the students develops due to team working. This means there is a stronger relationship between the coworkers, regardless of the common disagreement that may occur from time to time. Sharing a strong bond is a sign of effective co-working, which also establishes a firm foundation for a relationship that can solve minor disagreements now and in the future. Since the team members can trust one another, a feeling of safety emerges in the long run.

Fourth, the collaboration between the students is also promoting a broad sense of ownership. Every member is encouraged to share contributions without fear of contradiction, which help them to handle harder issues related to construction. Given the nature of the construction design, they feel encouraged to work together towards achieving a common objective. Even the institution will benefit from the teamwork approach because, at the end of the project, the job satisfaction level will be higher.

Fifth, team working and collaboration is encouraging healthy risk-taking. The fear of considering alternative approaches during the construction process is no longer an issue. In case a certain method fails, the team will be responsible for everything and reconsider a different approach. Even though a single student will not get full credit for a successful project, team working distributes the responsibility for any probable failures during the project. However, a team is comfortable with taking risks because each individual offers the necessary support even when there is a failure. If a certain method brings success, they will have created a revolutionary move that is helpful today and in many years to come. Interestingly, the riskiest option turns to be the most successful and the team can enjoy the freedom of thinking outside the box.

Due to the collaboration between the student’s team and the contractor, the students have learned more skills and personal requirements in construction sites. Safety is always important and that is why specific pieces of equipment must be used. Since the construction work started, every student has been issued with steel toe work boots in order to ensure safety standards are met. There are various reasons for using these types of shoes, and you will know them shortly. Here we go…

Construction Equipment: Steel Toe Work Boots

A steel toe boot is also known as a comfortable safety work boot or safety shoe. It is made of highly durable materials with protective properties within the toe area. The foot is protected from any falling object by the reinforcement material around the toe. Also, there is a mid-sole plate that offers protection against sharp objects on the construction ground. The students have learned the common injury cases that can occur at any construction site.

One of the major benefits of safety work boots is to prevent injuries to the feet as a result of falling objects. During the construction of the library, a stone of 40 pounds may fall accidentally and hit your foot.  You can imagine the pain, and of course, if someone is not wearing a safety shoe! The work boots have steel toe caps to protect such injuries. The steel caps are designed to absorb such falling pressure in a manner that the worker won’t get injured.

This is one of the reasons why wearing comfortable safety shoes is important. They come with toe caps to protect the feet from falling objects.

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