How does Germany deal with floods

Emergency Response Planning Workshop

Under the slogan “Together to Protect Human Society?” Tuft’s community conducted a series of workshops to discuss how to deal with natural disasters and emergencies. The workshop discussed the principles and methods of protecting residential areas from the adverse impacts of natural disasters, and how to avoid them. The workshop also discussed the most important material, human and psychological negative effects that such disasters inflict on the population of all sizes.

The participants discussed in detail floods and how to deal with them at the individual level and the state level and the related organizations. In his introduction on the topic, the head of the District Engineers Association said: “Man has known floods since ancient times and worked to overcome them and eradicate of their devastating effects. Yet the undeniable fact is that no matter how much science develops, preventing floods is an impossible task to this day. The best option remains is to deal with floods using technology in order to reduce the danger of floods awaiting humans. What we are sure about is that following simple measures can prevent many risks.”

How does Germany deal with floods?

How does Germany deal with floodsNo doubt, not only developing countries are vulnerable to flooding. For example, Germany has experienced many floods throughout its history. In 2002 the city of Dresden sank in eastern Germany, which caused tremendous damage and the number of flood victims reached 38 people. In 2013, there were floods in many areas in eastern Germany, which killed 8 people. And it cannot be said that advanced German technologies can prevent any floods. Indeed, as Professor Strumpf of the Aachen Technical University says, flooding is a natural phenomenon and cannot be prevented, but the risks can be reduced.

In Germany, floods are faced with what is known as the Hochwasserschutzstrategien flood response strategy, which is divided into three sections: flood-prone area management, prediction and advance planning, and flood-response techniques. This relies mainly on a European Union (EU-Hochwasserrichtlinie) paper urging the management of flood risks, by assessing the severity of risk in different regions and prior planning to deal with risk before it occurs. Damages that you can never prevent, but you can reduce their risks.

According to the risk assessment, a few measures can be taken to deal with floods. In some areas, areas known as floodplains are prepared and floodwaters can be directed to instead of flooding in residential areas. As well as other steps such as developing networks based on the separation of wastewater so that wastewater is kept separate from rainwater that can flow directly into any estuary without the need for any treatment.

The truth is that the list of preventive measures is very long, but Professor Stromph confirms that the best measure to reduce the risk of floods is to reduce the size of human presence and human activity in those areas most vulnerable to flood threat. Also, there must be professional weather stations to inform the citizens of the timing of the flooding as soon as possible.

Simple procedures to reduce flood risk

The head of the District Association of Engineers reviewed a study summarizing some simple preventive measures in dealing with floods before, during, and after the flood. Preparing an emergency bag containing a flashlight, radio, batteries, first aid kit, in addition to food, water bottles, and a whistle. Keep materials like sandbags, plywood, and plastic sheets to prevent floodwater from breaking into the house. Supplying houses with sump pumps. However, the speaker mentioned the necessity of attaching the pump to a backup battery or purchasing a battery-backup sump pump; otherwise, it will not do the required work in case of disconnecting the electrical current.

  • In case of a warning about an imminent flood, we must disconnect all electrical appliances from electricity and taking them to an upper floor if there is time.
  • After the end of the flood, it is necessary to be very careful in dealing with the stuff that the floodwater has reached. It is recommended that children’s toys be washed well.
  • Do not any eat foods that have been exposed to the floodwater. It is not recommended to drink directly from the taps and preferably only from bottled water.

Having a sump pump is not enough and the benefits of battery backup sump pump:

  • Low cost: this type of sump pump is more affordable than other regular ones.
  • Easy to install: since the system is simply hooked up to the main pump, it is described as a non-invasive pump–no dust, no noise, no hammers.
  • Easy to charge: the battery backup system is automatically charged, which means less effort on your part to keep your basement dry.
  • Fully automatically: when the power goes off the inverter will turn on automatically. It won’t be necessary to rush to the basement in the middle of a storm to turn the check on the pump.

Outdoor Play Ideas and Backyard Activities in Tufts Camp

Outdoor Play Ideas and Backyard ActivitiesAdam Sander once said: “My buddies, we’ve always just tried to make each other laugh. I mean, just like all friends hanging out – that’s the goal.” No one can be taken by surprise knowing that young adults are extremely tied in with hanging out. Spending time with fellow university students, peer neighbors, old friends from school is an important part of young life. Base on a questionnaire conducted by Tufts students, eight students out ten said that they spent time with friends mostly outside where they could do amusing things and fun activities. However, the questionnaire shows that most activities mentioned by the students are limited to sports that need physical effort, high body engagement and some special preparations as well. Other common activities are not more than going on a stroll or sitting outside chatting with peers over a cup of coffee. We believe that it would be perfect if we could put together the best amusing outdoor play and activities in one list.


Board and card games

If you are looking to zero physical effort and 100% mental workout, chess, monopoly, scrabble, backgammon are the most common games that everybody likes. If you are a group of friends looking higher level of excitement and competition, you can go for card games such as Poker, Hearts and Onu.

Shoot & Throw games:

Apart from being fun and enjoyable, this type of games improve hand-eye coordination, distance sensitivity and spacial skills. The most well-known game is Darts. Many people say that they feel better physical and mental concentration and self-control after playing Darts on a regular basis. Other games of the same category are Frisbee, Pong games, Spike Ball, Bocce Ball, Horseshoe, Ladder Toss.


If you’re fed up with regular sports and looking for an insane, crazy sport, trampoline is the answer. You can still get the benefits of working out by just going nuts and jump. Jumping alone has the following benefits:

  1. Strengthening bone
  2. Increasing muscles mass
  3. Prevent osteoporosis
  4. Enhancing immunity against infections
  5. Improving balance and coordination
  6. Improving eyesight by strengthening eye muscles
  7. Expanding lungs capacity and oxygen intake


Mini-golf is a creative and way to enjoy time with friend and family. This game is more the most affordable-luxury game you may have in your backyard. All what you need is a couple of square meters of quality artificial grass and you will be good to go.


To have an absolute stress-free and entertaining experience, we need that buzzing feeling of fun parties. Parties where the revelers are satisfied and nobody gets eaten alive. Here’s a number of parties that you can create an oasis of happiness, publically outside or in your backyard.

Dinner party

Outdoor dinner party is an amazing way to get your friends and college mates all together.  Rather than waiting until holidays or occasions, ask your friends to choose a wonderful location outside, get some food and drinks, and with some music, you will all have a fabulous evening. If you are looking for a more sophisticated and fascinated scheme, you can have the dinner party in the backyard at home.

Karaoke night

When it comes to young generations, nothing seems more joyful than hosting a karaoke night. Vibrant lighting, disco glob, sound system with nice speakers and a microphone are all what you need to give your vocal cords a try; and who knows? You might be the next pop star.

Costume party

Costume parties allow people to unbridle their imagination and fantasies. It’s a brilliant way to show off and socialize, even if you are originally shy. Some wood fire pits will definitely add a musty atmosphere. But be careful using non-flammable material under the pits if you are using artificial turf for your backyard.

Community service

Participating in a community service activity allows students to experience the feeling of being effective members of their community. Apart from allowing them to gain some valuable life skills and knowledge, community service is proved to have a lasting, positive impression on students and their fellow citizens as well. However, taking part of big projects and sophisticated program makes students hesitate. Easy and simple community service activities mostly pay off pretty well. Holding an outdoor group fitness for senior citizens in your neighborhood is one of amazing ideas. If you have enough space in your backyard you can invite some of your neighbors over for a yoga session. You and your friends can raise money for charity by pulling out some of the old and unused stuff and sell them in the backyard. Lumberjack Run is another idea that tufts students came up with last year. The idea is to go around the neighborhood helping old people cut the wood logs.

The importance of having a backyard

Going back to the questionnaire Tufts students conducted, we can easily notice that students chose to meet at someone whose house comes with a backyard. It is worth noticing that having a backyard comes with countless benefits. Not limited to but just a few examples, the backyard provides the whole family with better lifestyle physically and psychologically. It’s an outdoor sanctuary where you can have quality time. The backyard is where your kids can get together with their friend safely. It allows you to start your dream hobbies–drawing, sculpturing, clay art, and even growing plants and flowers. If your not fan of gardening you can rely on artificial grass. Having a backyard is like a city escape but at home.

students develops due to the team working.

Working Together: Building a Library! Collaboration in Tufts Camp

two heads are better than oneAs the old axiom says, two heads are better than one. This has been witnessed during the Tufts camp for engineering students as they practice team working. The current project of building a new library has given them an opportunity to put theory work into the practical part of learning. They have been working with the contractor at all levels, from the designing to the site work including the construction activities. The construction of the four-story building is halfway, which has enabled the students to learn building and construction rules as outlined by the National Construction Authority.

First and foremost, the students have fostered creativity and learning while working together as a team. They can brainstorm ideas, which prevent musty viewpoints that often come as a result of solo working. This means there is a sense of shared knowledge to assist the students in learning and developing new skills to build their career. There is also an aspect of developing enthusiasm as opposed to solitary work. The ability to share innovations and discoveries with the team members has fostered knowledge amongst themselves.

Secondly, students have also been able to develop their talents more appropriately. Since it is a construction project, every coworker has a chance to share his or her abilities with the rest of the team. They rely on one another to bring each talent to the drawing table. As the team observes the process behind their skills, each person can learn the best methods of combining their gifts in order to grow as a stronger team. When a member sees a coworker using a different method in the construction process, he or she gets an opportunity to improve the skills.

students develops due to the team working.Thirdly, an element of building trust among the students develops due to team working. This means there is a stronger relationship between the coworkers, regardless of the common disagreement that may occur from time to time. Sharing a strong bond is a sign of effective co-working, which also establishes a firm foundation for a relationship that can solve minor disagreements now and in the future. Since the team members can trust one another, a feeling of safety emerges in the long run.

Fourth, the collaboration between the students is also promoting a broad sense of ownership. Every member is encouraged to share contributions without fear of contradiction, which help them to handle harder issues related to construction. Given the nature of the construction design, they feel encouraged to work together towards achieving a common objective. Even the institution will benefit from the teamwork approach because, at the end of the project, the job satisfaction level will be higher.

Fifth, team working and collaboration is encouraging healthy risk-taking. The fear of considering alternative approaches during the construction process is no longer an issue. In case a certain method fails, the team will be responsible for everything and reconsider a different approach. Even though a single student will not get full credit for a successful project, team working distributes the responsibility for any probable failures during the project. However, a team is comfortable with taking risks because each individual offers the necessary support even when there is a failure. If a certain method brings success, they will have created a revolutionary move that is helpful today and in many years to come. Interestingly, the riskiest option turns to be the most successful and the team can enjoy the freedom of thinking outside the box.

Due to the collaboration between the student’s team and the contractor, the students have learned more skills and personal requirements in construction sites. Safety is always important and that is why specific pieces of equipment must be used. Since the construction work started, every student has been issued with steel toe work boots in order to ensure safety standards are met. There are various reasons for using these types of shoes, and you will know them shortly. Here we go…

Construction Equipment: Steel Toe Work Boots

A steel toe boot is also known as a comfortable safety work boot or safety shoe. It is made of highly durable materials with protective properties within the toe area. The foot is protected from any falling object by the reinforcement material around the toe. Also, there is a mid-sole plate that offers protection against sharp objects on the construction ground. The students have learned the common injury cases that can occur at any construction site.

One of the major benefits of safety work boots is to prevent injuries to the feet as a result of falling objects. During the construction of the library, a stone of 40 pounds may fall accidentally and hit your foot.  You can imagine the pain, and of course, if someone is not wearing a safety shoe! The work boots have steel toe caps to protect such injuries. The steel caps are designed to absorb such falling pressure in a manner that the worker won’t get injured.

This is one of the reasons why wearing comfortable safety shoes is important. They come with toe caps to protect the feet from falling objects.

car stereo system

Sound Engineering Workshop in Tufts Camp (Car Audio)

The Tufts study camp has been engaging learners in various courses including arts and engineering courses. The site entails practical learning whereby the students are putting the theory that they have learned in class into practice. During the camping period, the sound engineering students have been given an opportunity to explore different industries that involve sound production and business. So, what have they been doing? Are they playing a vital role in the music industry?

Sound Engineering Workshop

For those who have been to music concerts, perhaps you have wondered the clarity and quality of the music. If the music was just amazing, there is a likelihood that there was a highly talented sound engineer who was controlling the music sound. 4 through blending, reproducing, and manning the electronic and equalization of the sound. That said, it should be noted clearly that sound engineers do not necessarily work on the music specifically. They usually design and control the sound to draw the audience’s attention to the concert.

This is what the Tufts students’ sound engineers have been practicing at the site. They have been learning how to control sound levels, microphones, and outputs by combining their ears with the knowledge of acoustics to generate the highest quality of sound for a wide range of purposes. One of the major areas where the sound engineers are likely to venture in is the car audio production and designing. That is why almost half of the students have narrowed down to go with this line of specialization given the high demand for high-quality car stereo systems.

car stereo systemA good car stereo system should be a centerpiece of a car music system. Not only produces the best music sound but also creates an attractive appeal in the dash when combined with other vital features. The modern car audio system is capable of performing broad multifaceted functions so that the driver or car owner can enjoy a better ride time. It is also important to know that a car audio system has three distinct sections.

First is the source, which allows the car owner to select what to hear. The sources may include DVD or CD player, AM/FM tuner, iPod or Smartphone, Satellite radio, or a USB port input. Second is the Preamp from where every sound changes are made. This section may include various control features such as fader, volume, balance, tone adjustment, source selection, crossovers, time correction, and equalizers. The last section is the amplifier that boosts a small audio signal into a larger signal. The signal originates from the preamp section and then sent to the speakers.

So, why do you need a new quality audio speaker system for your car? Basically, a good car audio system will offer a better music sound and more flexible playback choices compared to those typical stereo systems. Having a superior built-in power with good circuit design will not only be louder compared to the conventional audio system, but also generates a richer, cleaner, and more detailed music sound. If the tone controls are more enhanced in the preamp section, it means you can perform better fine-tuning of your favorite music. For the new car audio systems, there are numerous functions that have been added to the sources. These include; iPod and iPhone support, MP3/WMA/AAC playback, satellite radio, Android phone support, DVD playback, GPS navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, and Pandora Internet radio app support.

In the near future, these sound engineering students will be assisting car owners who are looking for new car audio systems. The technical advice is fundamentally based on the listening sources since they are the specific factors to put into consideration. Apart from the sources, you need also to understand other important aspects such as the level of sophistication you want. There are more advanced features on car audio systems that offer clearer display such that the car owner can see and change based on what he or she wants. Certainly, the touchscreen monitors are recommended because they make it easier when controlling and adjusting the stereo.

There is also an aspect of advanced sound controls, which are available on those high-end audio systems. For instance, the parametric equalization and digital time correction are quite helpful whenever a car owner wants to pinch the music sound. However, there are low-priced stereos with almost similar sound controls that can provide more stereo control than the conventional receivers. So, basically, a new audio will create a better music environment in your car.

It is worth noting that a good car interior is just cool, especially when the high-tech stereos with high-quality displays are installed. A car owner may choose to have animated full-color display, customizable color patterns, and touchscreen monitors with selectable colors and backgrounds. For those who may wish to enhance their music listening experience while driving, they can choose the car audio systems with flashing lights as the music goes on.

Night Hunting Activity

Night Hunting Activity in Tufts Camp – How to Use New Technology

Night Hunting ActivityIn our modern world, technology remains to be one of the most trending things in all industries. It simplifies work by making tasks easier even without a person physical engagement. At the Tufts Camp, students are learning hunting skills through the use of technology, courtesy of the trail cameras. Some of the game trail cameras are waterproof, highly durable, and capable of capturing and recording pictures at night. That is why the students are comfortable using them for night hunting.

Hunters have been using them due to high-quality, reliable technology, and excellent performance. They can be used to capture photos without the presence of a hunter, allowing detection of animals of interest within a particular hunting area. It can be installed in a distant place and left to record when motion is detected. It has a built-in sensor to detect motion of animals, but the sensitivity can be adjusted to ignore unnecessary movements around bushes.

After setting up a trail camera, the owner or hunter can go back once it has finished recording the photos. However, it is worth noting that infrared trail cameras are more reliable for night hunting. This is because they use infrared to record photos of animals rather than a normal flash. The infrared is considered the best for hunters because it doesn’t disturb animals as opposed to normal flash cameras. At the campsite, students are also taught on how to set up the trail cameras without disturbing their natural habits.

trail camera

Before the start of the study camping, the use of trail cameras had already become an integral part of hunting activity. However, there are many types in the market that can be used in a variety of applications including hunting. Different categories of these cameras are distinguished by several aspects.

Types of Trail Cameras and Their Work

Digital Trail Cameras

These perform just like many other digital cameras. They come with features for night capturing and recording abilities, data storage cards, and power. Once placed in a hunting area, a photo is captured when an animal enters the detection center. However, the detection zone’s parameters may depend on the manufacturer, but most of them provide an amazing range based on the positioning of the device. There are also other units with video options for recording short clips to understand the exact patterns of an animal. The students can retrieve data by downloading the images.

Film Trail Cameras

They are similar to most digital cameras, but the key difference is the medium. Instead of storing the data in a digital memory card, the film cameras record data on a traditional film. Of course, some development is required when retrieving the information. That is why the new technology in hunting outweighs the use of these conventional trail cameras.

Cellular Trail Cameras

Cellular trail cameras capture photos in a digital manner, but the data is not stored in the unit. The camera is internet-enabled such that once a picture is recorded it is transmitted to a user’s mobile device through a wireless signal. It is quite useful for night hunters as they can retrieve data instantly, allowing them to make quick decisions. However, the unit must have a SIM card with a registered local network. This also means you need to have a data bundle in order to use it.

Laser Aim Trail Cameras

This model of trail camera uses digital photography principle, but the main difference is the integrated laser aim.  Since the laser is guided, the user can control the area to be covered in the detection zone, which the lens will focus on. It is highly useful for night hunting because it allows hunters to have greater control, as well as making clearer pictures compared to other trail cameras.

Strobe Flash Trail Cameras

trail-camerasThe level of craftiness is one of the key goals of using a trail camera for night hunting activity. This is the good thing with the strobe flash model. It produces a small flash once a detection zone is activated. The flash is emitted too fast such that the user is capable of maintaining secrecy. However, the flash may scare away animals. That is why it is preferably used for security purposes at homes or in private properties.

Wireless Activated Trail Cameras

The wireless activated trail cameras are ideal for night hunting. This is because they are capable of transmitting photos through a wireless network immediately they are taken. The unit can be connected to a receiving network, which is permitted to transmit. However, there is an element of network strength in order to provide the photos once they are captured.

Infrared Trail Cameras

These trail cameras are used during the night, especially in night hunting. The infrared feature is used with the help of sensors when required. When a photo is captured, infrared light is produced for exposure purpose. These cameras are perfect for night hunting as they do not disturb the natural behavior of animals, unlike the traditional white flash models.

Morning workouts

Morning Activity: Stretches to Relieve Foot Pain

Morning workoutsNowadays, people are looking for natural ways to stay healthy and fit. Morning workouts are becoming a norm, especially for those putting effort to lose weight. Perhaps, you have seen many Tufts students waking up as early as 5 o’clock to run or jog before going to classes. Experts recommend running as one of the best exercises for maintaining physical fitness. That is why more students prefer running to lifting weights unless those who want to build muscle packs. According to health experts, foot pain may develop due to lack of sufficient exercise that causes feet joints to jam. Therefore, a little exercise such as running every morning can be a solution.

However, it is important to choose the right running shoes. This comes a time when students with flat feet are suffering from feet pain after running. Of course, they deserve exercising their bodies to achieve their goals. So, how can they do it without causing more harm to their feet? For that reason, this article will be outlining the facts about shoes for flat feet.

Shoes for Flat Feet

Shoes for Flat FeetThe foot’s arch is naturally made of a curve in the metatarsal and tarsal bones. These bones act as shock absorbers when running or walking, whereby the arch cushions the impact from the knees, hips, ankles, and feet. Someone can have a low arch, normal arch, or high arch, which are all determined by the height of the foot’s arch.  Those individuals without a foot’s arch are said to have flat feet, and they are vulnerable to body injuries when running. That is why they need to choose the right shoes that can provide necessary support to the body. That said, you need to understand the three kinds of shoes that are designed for flat feet.

Support Shoes

According to health experts, it is advisable to wear shoes that offer support to their feet. Shoes such as sandals, high heels, or flip-flops are not recommended because they do not lift the arch of the foot. Therefore, you need to look for shoes with a label of “added support” since they designed to perform the duty of the arch.

Stability Shoes

If you have discovered that you always turn your ankle inward when walking or running, probably you have flat feet. This turning of ankle inward is usually referred to as pronation in a medical language. Pronation may cause stress on the knees, ankles, and feet, which can lead to serious injuries. For those who have a normal arch of their foot, their feet will land straight on the ground, unlike those without proper foot arch. Therefore, appropriate shoes with added stability help to control the landing pattern without pronating.

Motion Control Shoes

If you are facing the challenge of extreme pronation, you need motion control shoes. They are advanced more than the stability shoes because they have extra control and support features to keep your ankle straight when running. They have been designed incorporating medial post technology that entails dual density foam. Right under the medial side of the foot arch is a harder foam material, which could also be extended to the heel area. The hard compound material in most motion control shoes can be noticed easily right inside of the midsole.

Remedy for Sore Feet

Sometimes, the foot pain might be caused by other factors apart from the wearing wrong shoes. Your feet take in more than 2 million kilograms of pressure on a daily basis. This could be the cause of feeling hurt on your feet from time to time. So, what can you do to stop the aches?

Soak in cold and then in hot water

This is for freshening your feet. Fill two basins with cold water and hot water. However, ensure that the hot water is comfortable for standing inside. Pick a comfortable chair and then place the feet inside the basin with the cold water. Switch to the basin with hot water after a few minutes. This is known as hydromassage, which constricts and dilates the blood vessels of your feet.

Massage the soles with a roller

There are rollers designed for massaging feet. They can be obtained from a local health and fitness store. If you are not able to reach the store, you can as well use a golf or tennis ball to roll your bare feet. Do this for a few minutes on a daily basis as it exercises the foot joints, hence relaxing the tense muscles.

Stretch the Foot Achilles Tendons

This is applied to foot pain around the heel area. The Plantar Fasciitis is an inflammation of the Achilles tendons, which is felt in every morning. In such situation, you need to move your leg forward while bending the knee. You will feel a little stretch in the heel. Switch to the other leg after about 15 seconds.