camping tips

Top 8 Cooling Tips On The Camp

camping tipsMany of us have been waiting for summer since last August and finally, it’s here! So it’s high time to give a preference for outdoor activities rather than staying at home or sitting in cafes. As the weather is getting hotter what can be better than having some time with your family or friends in nature? Just imagine spending a couple of days away from your routines and big city life.  Let’s consider camping as a good combination of fresh air, freedom, and peace. If you feel excited, you’ll find this article useful.

As anything camping can be both a blessing and a curse, as there are certain inconveniences you will have to face. But is it a reason to give up such a great experience? Especially when knowing some life hacks to improve it? So here we go, find our top cooling tips on the camp below:

1)  The first tip is… wait for it… to find shade! It might sound too obvious but knowing where the sun rises and sets can surely help to find the best spot. Once your choice is made the adventure begins!

2) Life in nature requires particular clothes. It doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune in the Columbia shop.  Just give preference to light colors and you will be able to enjoy most of the time despite the heat. Open your wardrobe

3) So your backpacks are packed and it’s time to come up with the plan: what are you going to do apart from enjoying the scenery. So here is my next tip – find the right time. Having said that I don’t mean setting off late in the afternoon or getting up before sunset. Try to schedule your activities at cooler times.

4) What are you dreaming of when you are thirsty? Right! Camp near water, it can not only save you from heat but also become a good bonus. But remember to bring some repellents as some insects find such areas rather inviting.

5) Do you remember this feeling when the windows are open and you can feel fresh air entering your apartment? The same rule works for camping. Just keep your sleeping area vented. Especially before going to sleep.

6) Time outdoors can fly. Remember drinking a lot of water even if you are not used to it (coke and other soft drinks don’t count). Also, cold food is much tastier in the heat: it takes less time to prepare and is refreshing.

7) You don’t have to be a doctor but knowing the signs of heatstroke can definitely come in handy. They say forewarned is forearmed so google it and be prepared. Just in case.

8)keep your food frehsh The last but not the least. We still live in the 21 century and cannot imagine our lives without gadgets which were created to make our lives more convenient. We’ve gone through 7 tips already and there wasn’t mentioned anything about where and how to keep your food and beverages fresh and cool. Well, you may prefer old-fashioned ways like digging holes in the ground but I’d suggest buying a good quality collapsible cooler. Nowadays there’s such a variety of them so that it won’t be that difficult to pick up a good one: Coleman, Igloo, Lifetime – this list can be endless. You can find them of any colors, shapes, sizes, materials, and prices. Just go for it, you will definitely find a cooler useful.

It seems like I mentioned everything I had to say to you. I hope you are already planning your camping trip. Whether you are going to follow these tips or not I wish you the best summer and as many good moments as possible!


well-equipped garage workshop

The Well-Equipped Garage Workshop

A well-equipped garage workshop creates a fun and interactive way for the learners. They will easily learn general things about different types of cars, the maintenance approaches to prolong the lifespan of a vehicle, how to talk to car owners (clients), and ways of handling emergency situations. At the Tufts study camp, a reliable auto garage workshop is allowing the students to learn the practical part of their courses to ensure they have the actual skills when it comes to dealing with car issues. Space is perfect for the students to ask questions, feel unashamed of being less skilled, and gather confidence as they prepare to become car repair experts.

The workshop management has been welcoming more students to join during this intake period. The workshop is simply interactive without crazy and unwelcoming surprises down the line. Lessons are easy to learn since the educators have vast experience doing similar tasks for many years.

Lessons to Learn at the Garage Workshop

well-equipped garage workshopThere are various lessons to learn at the workshop. However, most of the modern cars require less regular service to maintain them in their good condition. Therefore, the workshop targets providing tips on taking care of cars so that the students can transfer the knowledge to their clients in future. Here are some of the tips students learn from the workshop;

Cleaning Interior and Exterior of a Car

This is one of the key things car maintenance experts teach at the workshop. So, why is it so important? When a car is always kept clean, it doesn’t look older than its actual age. Also, a car owner’s lifestyle can be judged by observing how dirty the car is. The experts are also recommending washing materials and equipment such as car vacuum cleaners for the interior. The Optimum bottle is also recommended for the exterior because it leaves a car looking a brand new. When a car is left with dirt for a relatively long time, the accumulation of grime can damage both the interior and exterior. It will also make the car to lose its aesthetic value!

Changing Oil Every 5,000 to 7,500 Miles

Changing the oil regularly is quite advisable. The experts go further to recommend the synthetic oil because it works well with many different types of cars. As much as a car owner may want to change the oil himself or herself, it is good to let the expert do it because they can as well identify another issue easier. This will prevent a costly mechanical repair in the near future. The fundamental responsibility of oil is to lubricate the engine as well as stopping detergents. Failure to change the oil may lead to accumulation of dirt that will destroy the expensive engine.

Checking Tire Pressure

The tire pressure should be checked every month. If the tire pressure is not sufficient, some problems such as instability, poor braking, and less gas mileage will occur. A pressure gauge is used to measure the tire pressure. Alongside measuring the tire pressure, a professional mechanic should rotate the tires to ensure they are wearing out evenly. However, let the car owner make the most out of them before considering a replacement.

Replacing the Brake Pads

Even the best brake pads in the market need to be replaced after every 25,000 miles. However, they can be replaced as soon as they wear down without waiting to cover the stipulated mileage. Checking the brakes is quite important, and should be done by a professional mechanic. A car owner can easily realize it when there is a grinding noise whenever braking. When the brake pads are resisting the loss of braking power at high temperatures, visiting a garage to replace the pads is required. If the car owner ignores it, the brake rotors may fail to lead to more costly replacement.

Maintaining the Car’s Interior

This is important because it keeps your car looking good as well as maintaining a high resale value. When grime accumulates, it tends to ‘eat’ away areas such as the expensive vinyl seats or dashboard. This eventually makes the car to look like a nasty machine. Interestingly, the experts at the workshop suggest cleaning products such as leather honey and meguiar’s quick interior detailer for the car interior cleaning. Not only are they relatively affordable but also leaves a car interior looking new. If the interior of the car remains dirty, it can lead to the devaluing of the investment, leading to loss of hundreds of dollars upon reselling it.

Lastly, experts also recommend checking the battery of the car regularly. This is important to ensure that the terminals and cables are in the right condition. They should be safely attached to the battery’s terminals, as well as corrosion-free. Remember, corroded cables or terminals may cause the engine not to turn on, causing inconveniences and time wastage. For the batteries with removable caps, a professional mechanic should check the level of the fluid, though it should be checked every few months during warmer months.

night shooting competition

Outdoor Opportunities to Empower Tufts Students

As one of the youth empowerment programs in the US, night shooting competition has been incorporated in various art faculties at different institutions of higher learning. The initiative is dedicated to developing skills of Olympic sports among the Tufts students across the states. The focus is to enhance the development of shooting competition that is believed to represent the US in Olympic Shooting Games as well as World Shooting Championships among other renowned international sports.

night shooting competition

The shooting sport is one of the outdoor activities that can be utilized to empower the youth, according to sports experts. In 2016, more young men and women have been practicing the game through the laid down programs. It was noted that there are many Tufts students who want to learn the night shooting sport. For that reason, an introduction program has been rolled out to help them pursue their dreams. There are Athlete Development and Shooting Youth programs, which are managed by the State National Champions Council. In this association, there are highly experienced night shooters who have received several annual awards during various such Olympics.

In order to make the programs attainable, the US Shooting Group has partnered with other like-minded organizations. This has enabled inclusion of all students who may not excel in other types of sports, especially where someone’s physical factors are majorly considered. Actually, a student does not need to be masculine, tallest, strongest, or fastest to participate in night shooting sports. The aspects of the game teachings entail things such as determination, patience, mental control, physical control, safety skills, organizational skills, problem-solving, good sportsmanship, and goal setting ability.

So far so good, because a significant number of students who have traveled across the world to participate in night shooting tournaments. Some of the countries where the students have set their feet include Germany, Munich, China, and the Czech Republic. Interestingly, the US Shooting Group provides the essential facilitation so that the students can attain their objectives and goals. Moreover, all the students have been working towards gaining the ability and potential to compete and become the best in the sport.

The Shooting Study Camp for Students

The shooting camp has a wide range of training programs including the safety and the rules of the game. This is different from a hunting camp because more aspects than owning a gun are considered. Of course, every student is issued with a firearm such as a handgun. However, other important factors must be taken into account to ensure professional shooting competition is achieved. This is where holsters, knee pads, and concealed carry belts come in. These pieces of equipment are mainly for safety purposes in order to adhere to the outlined rules of shooting games.

That said, let us look at the each of the mentioned night shooting requirements.

Holster for Shooting Competition

During a night shooting competition, it is not advisable to trade off your safety for the speed. That is why rarely race holsters are used in these competitions that involve the young men and women. There are a number of factors that have been considered when selecting the holsters for competition purposes. One of the factors is the ability of the holster to cover both the trigger and trigger guard. This is a legal requirement as those race holsters may not be safe for the youngsters, especially the beginners in the shooting competitions. So, the holster must keep the gun secured even during strenuous activities such as jumping. Another important aspect is the ability to get the gun out of the holster as soon as possible. However, a strong plastic holster is recommended because it holds it firmly while outside the waistband for easy access.

Concealed Carry Holsters for Shooting

For a concealed carry of the gun, it is quite vital to have the right belt. If the belt is poorly designed, perhaps it will slow down the ability to pull the gun properly. There are those dedicated concealed carry holsters, which are designed taking into consideration the ability to pull the gun easily and safely. However, they are stylish and designed to prevent the other partners from seeing your drawers. More importantly, they are made of sturdy material to withstand the holsters, bend, or stretch whenever you pull the gun. The goal-built belts are of different designs and styles, as well as featuring practicality and professional appeal.

Knee Pads for Shooting Competition

The knee pads for night shooting competition are often overlooked by shooters. However, this is one piece that should not miss in your kit when going for outdoor shooting activity. Even though they might not look appealing as some holsters or plate carrier, they remain an integral part of the shooting requirements. During a night shooting competition, you will kneel down on the ground while aiming the target. Your knees may suffer injury due to wear and tear of the knee pads, especially those made of low-quality materials. The right pads are supposed to prevent such scenarios, given the extended period of kneeling during training. Therefore, the correct kneed pads need to be durable, protective, and offer the maximum comfort possible.

B&B shooting facility

B & B Shooting Range Facilities

B&B shooting facilityThe Tufts study camp has collaborated with one of the renowned B&B shooting facility in order to include the shooting range training for the interested students. The principal aspect of the design of the shooting range at the campsite is the safety. It has been constructed taking into consideration the versatility of the space to allow adequate room for the trainer and the trainees to practice shooting while maintaining downrange focus as well as keeping the maximum safeguards. The innovative space maximizes several lanes based on the capacity of the room while lending a better shooting comfort, orientation, and protection. In short, the camp is just safe and secure for both the learners and instructors.

As one of the Tufts camp activity, the students are gaining more interest in the shooting range. This implies that more enthusiasts will join the existing team in the near future. Now, the site has rifles and ammo ready for the learners to use. Apart from the just mentioned equipment, the facility has also provided essential gear that must be used by all participants. The management takes into account all the necessary precautionary measures to ensure that safety standards are met.  Therefore, the following are the pieces of equipment for the shooters at the Tufts study camp.

Hearing Protection

Since the shooting range is one of the activities in the camp, it is the responsibility of the management team to ensure all the participants have hearing protection. It is a requirement to have these protective products in such an ear-damaging environment. The facility provided high-quality earmuffs, which are usually preferred by most of the professional shooters. Apart from being reliable for protecting shooters’ ears, they are also affordable for any shooter out there. They are capable of lowering gunfire sound to safe levels, hence preventing the potentially harmful gunfire sound that can cause hearing loss.

Shooting Range Bags

Shooting Range BagsThe B&B shooting facility is an established and self-sufficient facility, which is currently collaborating with the Tufts study camp members to promote shooting range training and competitions. In this background, the facility has provided the camping team with dedicated shooting range bags with proper organizers and pockets to allow efficient shooting with less hassle. Of course, a typical backpack can be used in place of a range bag. But they lack appropriate features found in a range bag. There are range bags for handguns and rifles with specific pockets for gear, sturdy shoulder straps, and highly durable material to resist wear and tear.


Shooting Range Eye Protection

Ignorance when it comes to using of eye protection in the shooting range has been discouraged. That is why every student must use the protective gear in order to protect the eyes against grime due to blowback, the explosion of brass, and any bullet fragments. These small pieces of solids can cause serious injuries to the eyes. The shooting eye protective gear comes in different types, but the ones used at the campsite are of the best quality. They are capable of preventing the mentioned particles as well as shielding damaging sunrays from reaching your eyes. Sometimes, they can be used as normal sunglasses even when not in a shooting range.

Shooting Range Multi-Tool

In case your gun or ammo stops working properly, you will need another one. This is also important when it comes to clearing a jam, reassembling a gun, or tightening a loose rifle scope. The multi-tool comes in when such situations happen. The package has screwdriver blades, Allen wrench, choke tube wrench, carbon scrapper, and a file. Even though the tool is mostly carried by the experienced or serious shooters, the facility has provided them to create a sense of a professional shooting range activity.

Shooting Range Cleaning Kit

The tendency of cleaning the guns after the shooting is no longer encouraged at the Tufts study camp. This is because a professional shooter should learn to clean his or her gun while at the shooting range. Additionally, a gun is supposed to be cleaned while on the outside and on a flat surface. Also, some guns such as .22 automatics may start to jam too frequently, which means they need to be cleaned in order to continue with the shooting activity. Therefore, it is advisable to have the cleaning kits to oust stubborn or barrel obstructions.

Shooting Range Portable Rest

In order to train the students on how to shoot up to the rifle’s maximum potential, a firm rest is required.  The idea of improvising things is not encouraged anymore at the campsite because time-saving and preventing frustrations are part of the training. Therefore, a portable rest is needed to enable a shooter to spring and adjust properly before making a shot.

Shooting Range Spotting Scope

The Spotting scope is useful for those who want to shoot about 100 yards or more.  It saves time by magnifying the target at a far distance. The high-quality scopes are the best for shooting since they come with an HD lens system for excellent transmission of light for achieving a high magnification optic.