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B & B Shooting Range Facilities

29 Nov 2017 Tuft's Camp

B&B shooting facilityThe Tufts study camp has collaborated with one of the renowned B&B shooting facility in order to include the shooting range training for the interested students. The principal aspect of the design of the shooting range at the campsite is the safety. It has been constructed taking into consideration the versatility of the space to allow adequate room for the trainer and the trainees to practice shooting while maintaining downrange focus as well as keeping the maximum safeguards. The innovative space maximizes several lanes based on the capacity of the room while lending a better shooting comfort, orientation, and protection. In short, the camp is just safe and secure for both the learners and instructors.

As one of the Tufts camp activity, the students are gaining more interest in the shooting range. This implies that more enthusiasts will join the existing team in the near future. Now, the site has rifles and ammo ready for the learners to use. Apart from the just mentioned equipment, the facility has also provided essential gear that must be used by all participants. The management takes into account all the necessary precautionary measures to ensure that safety standards are met.  Therefore, the following are the pieces of equipment for the shooters at the Tufts study camp.

Hearing Protection

Since the shooting range is one of the activities in the camp, it is the responsibility of the management team to ensure all the participants have hearing protection. It is a requirement to have these protective products in such an ear-damaging environment. The facility provided high-quality earmuffs, which are usually preferred by most of the professional shooters. Apart from being reliable for protecting shooters’ ears, they are also affordable for any shooter out there. They are capable of lowering gunfire sound to safe levels, hence preventing the potentially harmful gunfire sound that can cause hearing loss.

Shooting Range Bags

Shooting Range BagsThe B&B shooting facility is an established and self-sufficient facility, which is currently collaborating with the Tufts study camp members to promote shooting range training and competitions. In this background, the facility has provided the camping team with dedicated shooting range bags with proper organizers and pockets to allow efficient shooting with less hassle. Of course, a typical backpack can be used in place of a range bag. But they lack appropriate features found in a range bag. There are range bags for handguns and rifles with specific pockets for gear, sturdy shoulder straps, and highly durable material to resist wear and tear.


Shooting Range Eye Protection

Ignorance when it comes to using of eye protection in the shooting range has been discouraged. That is why every student must use the protective gear in order to protect the eyes against grime due to blowback, the explosion of brass, and any bullet fragments. These small pieces of solids can cause serious injuries to the eyes. The shooting eye protective gear comes in different types, but the ones used at the campsite are of the best quality. They are capable of preventing the mentioned particles as well as shielding damaging sunrays from reaching your eyes. Sometimes, they can be used as normal sunglasses even when not in a shooting range.

Shooting Range Multi-Tool

In case your gun or ammo stops working properly, you will need another one. This is also important when it comes to clearing a jam, reassembling a gun, or tightening a loose rifle scope. The multi-tool comes in when such situations happen. The package has screwdriver blades, Allen wrench, choke tube wrench, carbon scrapper, and a file. Even though the tool is mostly carried by the experienced or serious shooters, the facility has provided them to create a sense of a professional shooting range activity.

Shooting Range Cleaning Kit

The tendency of cleaning the guns after the shooting is no longer encouraged at the Tufts study camp. This is because a professional shooter should learn to clean his or her gun while at the shooting range. Additionally, a gun is supposed to be cleaned while on the outside and on a flat surface. Also, some guns such as .22 automatics may start to jam too frequently, which means they need to be cleaned in order to continue with the shooting activity. Therefore, it is advisable to have the cleaning kits to oust stubborn or barrel obstructions.

Shooting Range Portable Rest

In order to train the students on how to shoot up to the rifle’s maximum potential, a firm rest is required.  The idea of improvising things is not encouraged anymore at the campsite because time-saving and preventing frustrations are part of the training. Therefore, a portable rest is needed to enable a shooter to spring and adjust properly before making a shot.

Shooting Range Spotting Scope

The Spotting scope is useful for those who want to shoot about 100 yards or more.  It saves time by magnifying the target at a far distance. The high-quality scopes are the best for shooting since they come with an HD lens system for excellent transmission of light for achieving a high magnification optic.

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