Outdoor Play Ideas and Backyard Activities in Tufts Camp

Outdoor Play Ideas and Backyard ActivitiesAdam Sander once said: “My buddies, we’ve always just tried to make each other laugh. I mean, just like all friends hanging out – that’s the goal.” No one can be taken by surprise knowing that young adults are extremely tied in with hanging out. Spending time with fellow university students, peer neighbors, old friends from school is an important part of young life. Base on a questionnaire conducted by Tufts students, eight students out ten said that they spent time with friends mostly outside where they could do amusing things and fun activities. However, the questionnaire shows that most activities mentioned by the students are limited to sports that need physical effort, high body engagement and some special preparations as well. Other common activities are not more than going on a stroll or sitting outside chatting with peers over a cup of coffee. We believe that it would be perfect if we could put together the best amusing outdoor play and activities in one list.


Board and card games

If you are looking to zero physical effort and 100% mental workout, chess, monopoly, scrabble, backgammon are the most common games that everybody likes. If you are a group of friends looking higher level of excitement and competition, you can go for card games such as Poker, Hearts and Onu.

Shoot & Throw games:

Apart from being fun and enjoyable, this type of games improve hand-eye coordination, distance sensitivity and spacial skills. The most well-known game is Darts. Many people say that they feel better physical and mental concentration and self-control after playing Darts on a regular basis. Other games of the same category are Frisbee, Pong games, Spike Ball, Bocce Ball, Horseshoe, Ladder Toss.


If you’re fed up with regular sports and looking for an insane, crazy sport, trampoline is the answer. You can still get the benefits of working out by just going nuts and jump. Jumping alone has the following benefits:

  1. Strengthening bone
  2. Increasing muscles mass
  3. Prevent osteoporosis
  4. Enhancing immunity against infections
  5. Improving balance and coordination
  6. Improving eyesight by strengthening eye muscles
  7. Expanding lungs capacity and oxygen intake


Mini-golf is a creative and way to enjoy time with friend and family. This game is more the most affordable-luxury game you may have in your backyard. All what you need is a couple of square meters of quality artificial grass and you will be good to go.


To have an absolute stress-free and entertaining experience, we need that buzzing feeling of fun parties. Parties where the revelers are satisfied and nobody gets eaten alive. Here’s a number of parties that you can create an oasis of happiness, publically outside or in your backyard.

Dinner party

Outdoor dinner party is an amazing way to get your friends and college mates all together.  Rather than waiting until holidays or occasions, ask your friends to choose a wonderful location outside, get some food and drinks, and with some music, you will all have a fabulous evening. If you are looking for a more sophisticated and fascinated scheme, you can have the dinner party in the backyard at home.

Karaoke night

When it comes to young generations, nothing seems more joyful than hosting a karaoke night. Vibrant lighting, disco glob, sound system with nice speakers and a microphone are all what you need to give your vocal cords a try; and who knows? You might be the next pop star.

Costume party

Costume parties allow people to unbridle their imagination and fantasies. It’s a brilliant way to show off and socialize, even if you are originally shy. Some wood fire pits will definitely add a musty atmosphere. But be careful using non-flammable material under the pits if you are using artificial turf for your backyard.

Community service

Participating in a community service activity allows students to experience the feeling of being effective members of their community. Apart from allowing them to gain some valuable life skills and knowledge, community service is proved to have a lasting, positive impression on students and their fellow citizens as well. However, taking part of big projects and sophisticated program makes students hesitate. Easy and simple community service activities mostly pay off pretty well. Holding an outdoor group fitness for senior citizens in your neighborhood is one of amazing ideas. If you have enough space in your backyard you can invite some of your neighbors over for a yoga session. You and your friends can raise money for charity by pulling out some of the old and unused stuff and sell them in the backyard. Lumberjack Run is another idea that tufts students came up with last year. The idea is to go around the neighborhood helping old people cut the wood logs.

The importance of having a backyard

Going back to the questionnaire Tufts students conducted, we can easily notice that students chose to meet at someone whose house comes with a backyard. It is worth noticing that having a backyard comes with countless benefits. Not limited to but just a few examples, the backyard provides the whole family with better lifestyle physically and psychologically. It’s an outdoor sanctuary where you can have quality time. The backyard is where your kids can get together with their friend safely. It allows you to start your dream hobbies–drawing, sculpturing, clay art, and even growing plants and flowers. If your not fan of gardening you can rely on artificial grass. Having a backyard is like a city escape but at home.